When the light of man is conjoined with the darkness of an ancient deity, an extraordinary, unique creature will come into being.a creature carrying hope for its kind…for the world.

A hope for perfection… a hope for life. the hybrid!.. daughter of darkness and light!

Daughter of Darkness and Light is a full-blooded fantasy novel with a fascinating element of love. Most of it takes place in modern Europe, telling the story of a mysterious Race of beings who call themselves the KUR-GALLI.



Hybrid, the first volume in the series, unfolds the story of Kali, a unique young woman born from the liaison between Aragon, the most powerful KUR-GALLI, and a human woman, Anna. Kala, the sole hybrid of her Race, gifted with extraordinary powers and abilities which must be shrouded in strict secrecy, serves as the King’s right-hand woman, and, at his command, exterminates the most dangerous members of their own kind.

We meet her at a moment when an unknown conspirator, implicated in a deadly plot, is accused of participating in an assassination attempt on the sovereign.

During the subsequent interrogations Kala stands before the Master ‒ the powerful leader of the Warriors, an elite combat group serving and supporting the King  ‒ and falls in love with him at first sight. She feels in every particle of her body and soul that he is ‘the one and only man in her life’ … Alas, now a suspect in his eyes, she has little chance of winning the trust of the strict and righteous Master, let alone his love … but she intends to fight for it! Will she succeed …?

We invite you to join us for a story in which mystery is interwoven with powerful emotion, true friendship, spiritual brotherhood, goodness and wisdom, with no shortage of tragic incidents, combat, danger and … good, tasteful, red-hot sex. :-)


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